Designer Engagement Rings


Designer Engagement Rings


                                                        Who are High End Engagement Ring Designers?


Boucheron designer engagement ringI have decided to help people make this great decision many years ago, when a friend needed my help with choosing a designer engagement ring for his girlfriend.
 I felt honored that he trusted me and I made sure to learn as much as I could about engagement rings.
 High End Engagement Ring Designers

This is how my story as an engagement ring expert began.

As years were passing by, I found out more and more about how to find affordable desgner engagement rings.

A while ago I decided to take my hobby further and help more people who are in the desperate need of an expert. This is why I made this website to let everyone know that finding the loveliest affordable engagement ring is not that difficult with a bit of help and creativity.

But why do people experience problems right after they start looking for engagement rings? For those who have never been in a similar situation this can seem an easy task, but in fact it couldn’t be more complicated and confusing for someone who knows little about engagement rings. Finding your way in the labyrinth of high prices and hundreds of choices makes matters the worst, and expressions such as asscher cut, pave setting or Cartier design might seem completely unfamiliar to you.

But no need to worry! I am your guide and I will make shopping for an engagement ring fun and help you make sure that when she sees the ring she will fall in love with it instantly.

 Designer engagement rings pitures

The Nicest Surprise

When I was working in a jewelry store that had a beautiful collection of designers’ engagement rings I saw many couples who picked the engagement ring together. I could understand that this means less pressure on the man, because the ring will surely fit and she will love it, but what about romance and the power of excitement and surprise? One of the most amazing moments in your life and in a woman’s life is the moment when you propose, she opens the box and her face lightens up. Unlike many people think, finding the right size and the perfect ring is not impossible!

It might take a while and also some thinking to create the perfect situation for the proposal and to find out which ring she would love the most, but it is worth the effort. In the end you will be repaid by her happiness and her glow when she puts the ring on her finger. She will know that you love her more than ever before. Moreover, it can also be exciting for you and once in a lifetime experience, surprises like this are rare and you should feel lucky that you have the chance to make such a surprise!


Prices and Priceless Rings

 Bouheron Ava Designer Engagement Ring

Before you even begin looking for an engagement ring you have to think about the price range you can afford. Rings are numberless and each of them more beautiful than the other, but their prices can have great differences. Knowing your budget can help you narrow down the choices, which is the first step to do when shopping for engagement rings.

Unlike many people think, engagement rings are not about the price and the size of the diamond. Some people spend all their money on the fanciest designer engagement ring because they think that they can prove their love this way.

A beautiful ring doesn’t have to cost you a fortune: if you have a guide you will learn how to find affordable designers’ engagement rings. Your future bride won’t love you more if you buy her a 5 carat diamond ring, so if you want to let her know that she is the one, don’t wait until you win the lottery! There are breathtaking engagement rings in all price ranges and very few young people are millionaires. Remember that the ring is a symbol and a sign of your love towards her and not of your financial status.


The Mystery of the Ring Size


The biggest fear of every man is buying an engagement ring that doesn’t fit when their girlfriend wants to put it on.

Nothing can be more awkward than being on one knee and trying to force a ring on her finger! However, in fact this happens very rarely, and finding out someone’s ring size is actually quite easy. And by the way if you do miss the right size, it’s not the end of the world either, because engagement rings can be adjusted quite easily.

Still, it is natural that nobody wants to be in such an embarrassing situation. If you want to be completely sure that the ring will fit, you will have to take one of her rings to the jeweler, this way you can’t go wrong. Make sure you do it without her noticing it; this is when being creative can become handy. You can swipe a ring when she is away from home or when she is not paying attention. You can ask one of her friends to help getting the ring is she is wearing it all the time. It is also a good idea to take a ring which she uses less, just to make sure that she won’t notice that it’s missing.



 Finding the Right Style


While all women love rings and designer engagement rings are all beautiful and unique, you should research a bit to find out what kind of ring she would like more. Is she fond of more simple, clear, classical designs or does she like fancy, sparkling jewelry? If you pick the ring which she would have also chosen that is a clear sign that you are meant to be together!

Finding out a women’s style might seem challenging to most men, but this makes the whole thing even more exciting! There are certain things that you have to pay attention to while you are looking for clues. First of all, look at her jewelry which she wears the most. Does she prefer yellow gold, white gold or platinum? Is she fond of white crystals or is she more of a color lover?

Someone’s personality and the way she dresses also tell a lot about her style. If she is very extroverted, friendly and exuberant, she will love a big ring with a sparkling diamond. If she is shy and feminine, a classical engagement ring will be the right choice. If she doesn’t wear jewelry at all, she will love a very simple ring with only a tiny diamond.

If after making such observations you are still unsure about her style, take the next step and go with her to a place where they sell rings and jewelry. Most malls have such stores and going to the mall shouldn’t be something that needs too much planning. You can pretend that you need to buy a present for someone and while you are looking make sure you also pay attention to her.

Which jewelry is she looking at the most? Which designer is she interested in? To be even more sure, you can casually make a remark about a ring she is looking at or one of the rings you think she might like. By her reaction it will be easy to see what her preference is when it comes to designer engagement rings.

If you prefer "Design my own engagement ring" type of thing, that this is the perfect place for you.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring 

  Choosing the Diamond


The diamond is the most relevant part of the engagement ring. For choosing the right diamond you have to familiarize yourself with certain concepts such as cut, carat, clarity and color:  The four C’s. Most designers’ engagement rings are unique therefore these factors can vary a great deal.


The cut of the diamond is what most people want to decide first and it is also the most important decision that you have to make when you are buying a ring. It refers to the angles and the facets of the stone, and often the quality of the diamond determines its cut and also its cost. A well cut diamond will have a brilliant sparkle: the facets reflect the light which is projected on the top of this marvelous stone. Some cuts give the diamond a nicer sparkle while others are less lustrous.



The carat refers to the weight of the diamond and not to its size. Most designers’ engagement rings have 1 or 2 carat diamonds, but a ½ ct piece can also look bigger than it is. The apparent size of the diamond depends mostly on the setting and on the cut, and not on the carat weight.




The clarity of the diamond refers to the imperfections or the so called inclusions a diamond has. Inclusions are other minerals that the diamond can contain which make it less clear. The number of inclusions are also measured, and the higher the clarity of the diamond the better.

Most inclusions are hardly visible to the naked eye, so if you choose a diamond which has SI1 or SI2 clarity, it’s fine. Sometimes there are diamonds that have imperfections in a more visible place such as on the top, and these are the ones you should avoid.




That’s right, diamonds have a color too! In fact the color pallet of diamonds ranges from D to Z, where D is colorless and Z is light yellow. The most rare diamonds are colorless, but you can find beautiful pieces that have a slight hue of yellow. Since the difference between different colors is hardly noticeable, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself when choosing the diamond color.

In any case, sometimes, it might be more safe and convenient if you order the diamond online. You will get the certificate and all the tools you need to check your diamond out. Give it a try here!

 Diamond loupe


     See Different Diamond Shapes


     Choosing the Ring Band


5ct yellow gold diamond ringWhen you choose the ring band, make sure you are aware of all your choices before you make a decision.

The most popular precious metals for designer engagement rings include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Sometimes there are rings that combine different precious metals for a nicer effect.

Now how to know which ring band is the best choice? While the most popular engagement rings are silver colored, some women prefer yellow gold or rose gold. If most of her other jewelry is made of these precious metals, you have a winner.

On the other hand if she is more of a silver girl then you have more options to choose from. The main difference between silver, platinum and white gold are their prices. Sterling silver is a lot cheaper than the other too, but it doesn’t have such a sparkling whitish hue.

Platinum is one of the most popular metals for engagement ring bands: it has a beautiful color and it is also the most durable metal. A platinum ring will stay the same for many decades, while white gold wears off much faster. On the other hand white gold keeps its luster for a longer time.

No need to worry: once you know her style choosing the ring band will be easy.


Choosing the Setting


The setting means the way the diamond is placed on the ring band. There are many options here, but it will be easy to choose the right one once you have found out the style of your girlfriend. 

Ring settings refer to the way the diamond is set into the ring band. There are various ring settings used for engagement rings, some of them more popular than the other.


Boucheron designer engagement ring pink goldThe most popular engagement ring setting is the solitaire setting.

The classic solitaire setting in fact used to be the only one used for engagement rings for many decades. Its beauty and simplicity accentuate the diamond, making this ring setting ideal for any gemstone.


Prong designer engagement ring settingProng settings have also been used from the 19th century on: they are raised settings with a large central stone.

Prong settings and solitaire settings are the best choices because they let the light pass through the stone in an easier way, thus making the diamond appear more shiny than other settings would allow.

 If you are going for a smaller diamond then perhaps the best setting for it would be a solitaire setting.


Bezel designer engagement ring settingBezel settings are also classical engagement ring settings which encircle the diamond or the gemstone in a metal band to fit it securely into the ring.

This setting protects the diamond the most and it also gives it a metal edging, conferring a specific look that many people love.


Pave designer engagement ring settingMore fancy and decorative settings are for example the side stone settings.

These include for example the pave setting, which is one of the most brilliant and sparkling settings you can find.

Often the whole ring band is “paved”, decorated with many tiny diamonds that make the whole ring shine and reflect light.


Multi designer engagement ring settingMulti-stone settings are also one of the most popular settings nowadays.

 Unlike many people think, a great percentage of engagement rings have a combination of diamonds and other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds, and not only diamonds.

The combination of different gemstones can have a beautiful contrasting effect, therefore these rings are becoming more and more popular. See more settings here!



Diamond or no Diamond?


Does the diamond make the engagement ring? 

White gold ruby designer engagement ring I hardly think so. While many people love diamonds, there are also many who don’t.

A lot of designers’ engagement rings come with other stones, such as sapphire, emerald or ruby.

 If your girlfriend has a favorite stone or she likes wearing her birthstone, take this into account when you choose the ring.

A lot of women also love one-of-a-kind designer engagement rings with a combination of more stones. You can look on designer websites to see the loveliest rings of all.

18K White Gold Cushion Cut Ruby Solitaire Ring

 If a designer engagement ring seems too expensive, you can find the same designs and replicas of the most beautiful engagement rings on various websites. Here’s a couple which you should definitely visit: and


Have fun finding the perfect engagement ring for your chosen one and remember that this will be a once in a lifetime experience for both of you!

Engagement and Wedding Rings Reminder:


Nowadays most people don’t give too much attention to the symbolism of engagement and wedding rings. While there are more and more beautiful designer engagement rings and wedding bands available, it seems that people forget the initial purpose of these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Both of these rings have been and still are the symbols of fidelity, love, commitment and honor. Those who decide to wear it give certain promises to each other just by wearing the rings.

Wedding bands have been worn already centuries ago, for example in Egypt people would fashion themselves rings made of various materials, and these rings were supposed to bind the two people together who were in love. In Roman times engagement rings were also a sign of ownership: if a woman accepted the engagement ring from the man, she “belonged” to him in a certain way and offered him her fidelity.

The richer the person in question was, the more precious the ring he gave had to be. In Europe engagement and wedding rings are not as old as on other continents, but they have had the same meaning for centuries: fidelity and love. Engagement rings showed prestige and wealth, and this is why engagement rings are always made of the finest precious metals and precious gems.

Another interesting aspect that most of us don’t know is why people wear engagement rings and wedding rings on the forth finger. It seems that people have already known centuries ago that there is a special vein in the forth finger that connects it with the heart, therefore this finger is the best for wearing such a special ring. While usually only women wear an engagement ring, the wedding ring is worn by both the man and the woman. This shows that they belong together, and the ring is a type of token.




Diamond Certificate

Fake or Real Diamond?